La Corte del Pozzo, Bardolino, 2009

La Corte del Pozzo, Bardolino, 2009.

Bardolino is a small, lesser well known area in Italy, neighbouring the more common Valpolicella region. The grapes are all Italian grapes (Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara) but this wine will differ from a Valpolicella due to the differing dominance of grapes (Rondinella in the Bardolino and Corvina in Valpolicella) giving it less body and a lighter style. It’s12.5% so pretty low in alcohol compared to popular new world wines, you find this a lot with France, Italy and Spain.

Eyes – Looks fairly thin, light and a scarlet red.

Nose – A spicy lively nose, sour fruits and hint of aniseed.

Mouth – This is a light bodied, dry red. Not as much acidity as the nose suggests, but plenty of black fruit with a tannic, medium finish. It’s nice, but I prefer the complexity and body of a Valpolicella.

Food Ideas – This would hold up to a spicy pasta dish with chorizo and chilli and absolutely the spicy Piccante pizza a ZiZi’s.

Score – 13/20

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